Science Documentary : Augmented Reality, Wearable Technology, Virtual Reality Documentary

Science Documentary : Augmented Reality, Wearable Technology, Virtual Reality Documentary

Science Documentary : Augmented Reality, Wearable Technology, Virtual Reality Documentary

Sensoria Fitness has developed wearable electronics and augmented reality exercise devices. One such device involves glasses that allow you to enhance the sport of running. Imagine being able to race your best friend or your favorite celebrity, or have to elude a giant boulder, or a swarm of crazed zombies chasing you. All the while being able to view statistics like how many calories you burned, time , heart rate, cadence, distance traveled, etc. , just while looking straight ahead. Sensoria Fitness software is not just for running , other applications include snowboarding, and skydiving and many more. Other forms of wearable technology developed by sensoria fitness are the sensoria sports bra and and fitness t-shirt. Both are designed with embedded textile sensors, HRM bluetooth for heart rate monitoring, are extremely light and comfortable and offer great freedom of movement, with a breathable material that keeps your skin dry.

South Korea is one of the biggest consumers of coffee on earth. With more than 13,000 coffee shops each Korean citizen drinks about 338 cups of coffee a year, so with 50,000,000 people in the country, that equates to a lot of coffee cups being used. How can we improve the life of the coffee cup? Using the entire cup would be impossible, but what about its sleeve? And so was developed, the augmented reality application using the paper cup as the platform game, called the augmented cup. So by creating an emotional link to the coffee drinker, the life of the coffee cup was improved, and creates a better relationship between the brand and the consumer, and improves the brand image.

Current augmented reality catalog systems allow the user to pan across the existing background and insert a 3D model over the background. But the 3D model does not align or stick to the active camera perspective only the background is active. The newest augmented reality catalog system allow the 3D model to align and stick to the active camera perspective. When using a marker, the 3D model is generated when the marker is detected.

The BNO55 is a new sensor developed by Bosch sensortec. It is able to calculate inside the absolute orientation, from a 3 axis accelerator, a 3 axis gyroscope, and a 3 axis magnetometer, and the absolution orientation is given in the form of angles. The BNO55 sensors target market is for robotics applications, internet of things, navigation, etc.

The Atmel Xplained Pro Wing features the Bosch BNO55 9-axis, Absolute Orientation Sensor. The BNO55 sensor is a 9-axis motion sensor created by Bosch sensortec and integrates the Atmel smart SAM D20 running BSX3.0 fusionLib. The Atmel Xplained ProWing is available as an extension for the explained pro family of boards. It has a triaxial 14 bit accelerometer, a triaxial 16 bit gyroscope, and a triaxial geomagnetic sensor.

Wimm labs has developed a wearable computing platform that can be embedded in a variety of things such as watches, a bike handle bar mount, or to attach to your laptop to tell you when the lid is closed, or one that attaches to a carabiner clip so you could attach it to your belt, and allows you to keep information available to you at a glance. The wearable computing watch developed by Wimm differs from other brands in that it is a standalone watch , and it is not dependent on interacting with a smart phone. Although it still can be used in accordance with a smart phone, by not being tied to the phone, it allows Wimm to make, for example, a runner’s watch, or any other example in which you may not want to carry a phone with you. The developer kit by Wimm sells for $199, and it allows a network of developers to build applications not just on the computer screen but on their wrist or other parts of the body. And this allows developers the ability to create amazing and useful micro apps. Micro apps are different from traditional mobile apps in that micro apps are about getting the information you need at a glance and not about long sessions, and deep interactions.

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