Matteo Lai: Beauty and Medical Wearables | Health | WIRED

Matteo Lai: Beauty and Medical Wearables | Health | WIRED

“We tried to design a medical device that was also beautiful. It is a very very simple device with a ring of LEDs that tell you the time,” says Matteo Lai, showing off his company’s medical grade wearable, Embrace.
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Embrace is the result of more than eight years of work by Empatica, a spin-off startup that emerged from MIT Media Lab. It comes with a range of sensors that are built into pretty much all smartphones and wearables out there — an accelerometer, a gyroscope — but it also comes with a electrodermal activity sensor, which is a real-time stress indicator that can predict the onset of epileptic seizures. It is people that experience these seizures that the Embrace has primarily been built for.

As Lai takes the stage at WIRED Health in London, he points out that at this very minute people around the world will be receiving their pre-ordered Apple Watches. Embrace has come a long way since the early designs back in 2007, which Lai acknowledges were “crappy”, but the result is that it is now perhaps the only wearable out there that can give the Apple Watch a run for its money in terms of design.

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Matteo Lai: Beauty and medical wearables | Health | WIRED

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